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Coal Production Soar to 78.65 Million Tonnes in October 2023

In a noteworthy development, the Ministry of Coal has revealed a substantial upturn in the production and dispatch of coal during October 2023, showcasing significant progress and growth compared to the figures of the corresponding period in the previous year.

During October 2023, the overall coal production reached an impressive 78.65 Million Tonnes (MT), marking a notable increase from the 66.32 MT recorded in October 2022. This notable surge exhibits an 18.59% increase, indicating substantial advancement in coal production within a year. Specifically, Coal India Limited (CIL) achieved a growth from 52.94 MT in October 2022 to 61.07 MT in October 2023, registering a substantial increase of 15.36%. The cumulative coal production up to October 2023 surged to 507.02 MT in FY’ 23-24, marking a remarkable growth from 448.49 MT during the corresponding period in FY’ 22-23, reaching a growth of 13.05%.

The coal dispatch numbers for October 2023 further exemplify the noteworthy progress, with dispatch figures soaring to 79.30 MT, significantly exceeding the 67.13 MT dispatched in October 2022, indicating a remarkable 18.14% increase. Within this, Coal India Limited (CIL) exhibited a substantial growth in dispatch from 53.69 MT in October 2022 to 61.65 MT in October 2023, marking a significant 14.83% rise. The cumulative coal dispatch up to October 2023 surged to 541.73 MT in FY’ 23-24, exhibiting notable growth from 483.78 MT during the corresponding period in FY’ 22-23, marking an 11.98% increase.

The remarkable surge in both coal production and dispatch showcases the nation’s significant progress toward energy self-sufficiency. This substantial increase not only reflects the nation’s strides in the coal sector but also underlines the Ministry of Coal’s unwavering commitment to ensuring consistent coal production and distribution. These efforts play a pivotal role in securing a dependable energy supply crucial for the nation’s ongoing development and the fulfillment of its burgeoning energy demands.

The upward trend in coal production and dispatch stands as a testament to the nation’s concerted efforts in the energy sector, indicating a positive trajectory toward meeting evolving energy requirements and bolstering India’s energy security in the years to come.

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