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Coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Experience Significant Rainfall today

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On the 14th of November 2023, notable rainfall was recorded across various regions of coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, providing essential data for meteorological analysis. The following table presents the rainfall figures documented during the period from 0830 hrs IST to 1430 hrs IST.

LocationRainfall (mm)
Chennai (Nungambakkam)28.0
Chennai (Meenambakkam)26.0


  1. Karaikal (70.0 mm): Karaikal experienced the highest rainfall during the specified period, indicating a significant weather event in this region.
  2. Nagapattinam (60.0 mm): Nagapattinam also recorded substantial rainfall, suggesting a noteworthy weather pattern impacting the area.
  3. Cuddalore (40.0 mm): Cuddalore received a considerable amount of rainfall, contributing to the overall precipitation in the region.
  4. Puducherry (34.0 mm): Puducherry witnessed moderate rainfall, and this data is crucial for assessing the local weather conditions.
  5. Chennai (Nungambakkam) (28.0 mm): The capital city, Chennai, recorded a notable amount of rainfall at Nungambakkam, underscoring the significance of monitoring weather changes in urban areas.
  6. Chennai (Meenambakkam) (26.0 mm): Meenambakkam, another key location in Chennai, also experienced a substantial amount of rainfall during the given time frame.

The recorded rainfall data provides valuable insights into the weather conditions prevalent in coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry on the 14th of November 2023. This information is instrumental for meteorologists, local authorities, and the public in understanding and preparing for potential impacts on the region. Continuous monitoring of such data is crucial for effective weather forecasting and disaster management.

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