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Congress Supports Farmers In Rajasthan With ₹ 736 Crore Interest Subsidy.

In the state of Rajasthan, India, the Congress party is supporting the farmers. The state government has approved a subsidy of ₹736 crores (approximately $98 million USD) for interest on loans taken by farmers. Farmers will not have to pay interest on crop loans, and there will be a 5% interest subsidy for repaying long-term agricultural cooperative loans on time. This initiative will provide much-needed financial relief to farmers who have been struggling with debt and low crop yields. The Congress party’s support for farmers in Rajasthan is a positive step towards addressing the challenges faced by India’s agriculture sector.


• Approval of ₹736 crore interest subsidy for farmers.

• No interest to be charged on crop loans.

• 5% interest subsidy on timely payment of long-term agricultural cooperative loans.

• The Congress party is standing with farmers to provide them with financial support and assistance.

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