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‘Cooker Wali Coffee’: A Unique Twist on Making Coffee Goes Viral

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Coffee, the cherished morning pick-me-up, has taken on a novel twist in its brewing technique – the pressure cooker. This unique method, known as ‘Cooker wali coffee,’ has captured the attention of the online community.

Mobile Coffee Shop on Wheels:

The intriguing process is showcased in a video originally shared on Instagram, featuring an elderly street vendor who has converted his bicycle into a mobile coffee shop. One side of the bicycle carries a steel bucket with a jug, while the other side is equipped with a pressure cooker placed on a stove. The remarkable pressure cooker boasts a long metal pipe with a round knob.

The Making of ‘Cooker Wali Coffee’:

The preparation begins with the vendor adding the essential ingredients – milk, coffee powder, and sugar – to the jug. He situates the jug near the pressure cooker and inserts the pipe, connected to it, into the jug. By loosening the knob, pressure from the cooker is directed into the jug, creating a captivating bubbling effect. After the brewing process, the coffee is served in disposable glasses.

Online Popularity:

The video was shared by the Instagram account ‘@thegreatindianfoodie’ with the caption: “Kya Aapne Cooker Wali Coffee Kabhi Pi Hai ??…”. The inventive video of ‘Cooker wali coffee’ has gained tremendous popularity online, accumulating over 5 million views and numerous enthusiastic comments.

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