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Could This Jharkhand Creator Be The Indian Mr. Beast?

Meet Umesh, a dynamic individual in his late 30s hailing from the vibrant town of Ramgad in Jharkhand. As a dedicated content creator fluent in Bhojpuri (Jharkhandi), Umesh connects deeply with the everyday folks in his community. His noble mission revolves around extending a helping hand to those in distress. However, what truly sets Umesh apart is his ingenious approach to aid; he not only assists the needy but also amplifies their stories to a global audience. This distinctive style has propelled Umesh to stardom, akin to the renowned philanthropic figure, Mr. Beast. Could Umesh Become Rural India’s Mr. Beast?

Umesh’s journey commenced in a quaint agricultural hamlet nestled within the rustic landscapes of Jharkhand. Originally harboring ambitions of donning the garb of a civil servant, fate intervened abruptly amidst the upheaval of the COVID pandemic, shattering his cherished dreams. Undeterred by this unforeseen obstacle, Umesh resolved to extend a hand of assistance to his fellow beings. “Navigating the path of aiding others amidst personal strife, with no employment prospects or familial backing, was undoubtedly arduous,” reflects Umesh, “Yet, the call to serve persisted, compelling me forward.”

He started a tech YouTube channel, but his main goal was always to help needy people. He learned how to engage viewers on his tech channel and then launched a second channel dedicated to helping people on the street. This second channel quickly became popular. By helping others, Umesh feels like an unofficial civil servant. As his good deeds reached a wider audience, his views and followers grew, prompting him to increase his efforts. Umesh traveled throughout Jharkhand to find more people in need. Despite constant struggles, his content now resonates deeply with Bharat, using local language and culture to connect with his audience.

On his channel, Umesh highlights the struggles of Indian laborers and has gained many views and shares from Bharat viewers on Josh. He shows the real-life problems of people living on the streets and helps them with necessities like rice, sugar, and biscuits. Umesh’s down-to-earth style and focus on the issues that affect the masses create a unique bond with his followers. Each video radiates his positivity and determination to help others. For example, in one video, he helps an elderly man with basic needs, and in another, he assists an old woman who can’t walk properly. Today, Umesh has a large following on Josh, a platform with 250 million monthly active users, 40% of whom are from non-metro areas. Josh is the perfect platform for creators like Umesh, as the audience truly connects with his content.

mesh’s heartwarming videos have enabled him to earn money on Josh. Many creators are generating extra income by uploading content that resonates with real India, which they reinvest into their work on Josh. Josh’s Creator Pro program judges creators based on engagement and audience reaction, not just follower count. Unlike most platforms that favor creators with millions of followers, Josh values genuine content for real audiences.

“I am glad I don’t have to rely on my family now. Creator Pro helps me earn income while staying true to my passion and showing real India through my videos. I started earning with very few videos and followers,” Umesh said. His journey from early setbacks to becoming a Mr. Beast-like creator reflects his perseverance and inspiration from ordinary Indians’ stories and struggles. Today, inspired by his fans’ support, Umesh plans to start an NGO and already has a team of 20+ volunteers helping him assist others.

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