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Critical Support: MV Islander Receives Urgent EOD and Medical Aid from Indian Navy

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On February 22, 2024, the Palau-flagged MV Islander found itself engulfed in flames after what appeared to be an attack, possibly executed by a drone or missile. The distress call triggered a rapid and decisive response from the Indian Navy, showcasing their unwavering dedication to maritime safety and security.

Deployed in the Gulf of Aden for maritime security operations, an Indian Navy destroyer swiftly arrived at the scene of the incident on the afternoon of February 22nd. Upon reaching the vicinity of the vessel, Indian Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialists boarded the MV Islander to assess and neutralize any residual risks. Their thorough examination ensured that the vessel was deemed safe for onward transit.

Additionally, responding to the Master’s request, a medical team from the Indian Navy boarded the ship to provide essential medical assistance to an injured crew member. This multi-faceted response underscored the Indian Navy’s commitment not only to maritime security but also to the welfare of seafarers in distress.

The relentless efforts demonstrated by the Indian Naval ships in this operation serve as a testament to their proactive stance in safeguarding merchant shipping and ensuring the safety of seafarers navigating through these crucial maritime routes. Such actions reaffirm the Indian Navy’s pivotal role in maintaining stability and security in the region’s waters.

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