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Delhi Murder Case: Shocking Revelation – Premeditated Murder, Not “Crime of Passion”

According to Delhi Police, Sahil waited in the lane where one of Sakshi’s friends lived. As she emerged from a public toilet, Sahil allegedly approached her and brutally attacked her with a knife. He then battered her body with a stone slab, in full view of passersby.

Shocking Revelation: Police Confirm Premeditated Murder, Sahil had grudges against the girl

The police have stated that Sahil had planned Sakshi’s murder in advance. He held grudges against her since their breakup, and the incident on May 25, where she allegedly insulted him, further fueled his anger. The police are determined to build a strong case against Sahil for the harshest punishment.

The accused couldn’t accept the breakup and planned to kill Sakshi

Sahil was unable to accept the breakup and tried to rekindle his relationship with Sakshi. However, when she refused, a heated argument ensued in front of her friends. Insults were exchanged, and Sahil allegedly started planning the murder over the next three days.

Sahil allegedly dumped a weapon in Rithala before fleeing to UP

After the murder, Sahil disposed of the knife at Rithala Metro Station. He then boarded a metro to Anand Vihar and fled to his aunt’s home in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, where he was eventually arrested. The police have yet to recover the weapon used in the crime but have seized Sahil’s phone and bloodstained clothes.

CCTV helped police arrest Sahil

Sahil informed the police that he went to a public park after the murder, waited for a few minutes, and then took an e-rickshaw to Rithala Metro Station. The police were able to identify and apprehend Sahil using CCTV footage. Sahil’s father was detained, and Sakshi’s friends were questioned during the investigation.

Know about Sahil-Sakshi’s alleged relationship

Sakshi and Sahil had been in a relationship for two years until early this month. They initially met at Shahbad Dairy, became friends, and frequently met in the neighborhood. However, Sakshi broke up with Sahil two weeks ago and reportedly started a new relationship with another man from the same neighborhood, which may have triggered Sahil’s anger.

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