Friday, February 23, 2024
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Deputy CM Rajendra Shukla Extends Best Wishes for Board Exams in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh: As the Board of Secondary Education examinations kick-off, Deputy Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Rajendra Shukla, extends heartfelt encouragement to all candidates. He emphasizes the importance of approaching the exams with restraint and patience, assuring students of their potential for success.

Deputy CM Rajendra Shukla shares his optimism for the students’ bright futures, expressing confidence that their efforts will make both their parents and the state proud. In a warm message, he extends best wishes and blessings to all candidates, highlighting the collective aspiration for their success in the examinations.

As students embark on this crucial phase of their academic journey, Deputy CM Rajendra Shukla’s supportive words aim to inspire confidence and determination. The Madhya Pradesh government, under Shukla’s leadership, wishes all candidates success in their examinations and envisions a promising and proud future for each student.

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