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‘Desi Jugaad’ Video: Innovative Vegetable ‘Mavshi’s Unique Digital Payment Trick Goes Viral

In the age of Digital India, the use of digital payment methods has become widespread, even among rickshaw pullers and vegetable vendors. While this convenience benefits customers, it has also given rise to some creative and interesting “Jugaad” videos showcasing unique ways of handling digital payments. A recent viral video features a vegetable vendor who came up with a clever trick to accept online payments, leaving viewers intrigued.

The video, credited to a woman named Rupali, was posted on the Instagram account @maharashtra.farmer. It is written along with the video – ‘Smart Mavshi’. In Marathi, aunt is called Mavshi,” indicating that the video is from Maharashtra. The woman’s ingenious approach to digital payments demonstrates her resourcefulness.

In the viral video, the woman is selling vegetables while seated on the ground, with various vegetables like tomatoes and carrots displayed in front of her. When a customer requests to make an online payment, she hands over a bag of vegetables and, unexpectedly, places the weighing bowl from her scale in front of the customer. To the customer’s surprise, a Paytm QR code is affixed to the back of the bowl. While many vegetable vendors have QR codes, what makes this case unique is the woman’s unconventional placement of the QR code.

This viral video has garnered an impressive 1.5 crore views and numerous comments. It’s a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness found throughout India’s digital landscape, showcasing the nation’s journey towards becoming “Smart India.”

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