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Details of coal-based power generation till November 2022.

In 2021-2022, India’s coal production was 778.19 million tonnes, compared to 716.083 million tonnes in 2020-2021. The country has produced 524.2 MT of coal in the current financial year, compared to 448.1 MT during the same period last year, for a growth of 17%. As of 07.12.2022, the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has informed that there is approximately 31 MT of coal available at coal-based thermal power plants throughout the country. This is enough to last for an average of 11 days, at a requirement of 85% PLF. There is no coal shortage in the country.

The following are the details of coal-based power generation, total generation, and percentage of generation from coal vis-à-vis total generation in the country during 2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23 (April to November).

Fuel2020-212021-222022-23 (April to November)*
Coal-based generation (Billion Units)950.91041.5747.8
Total Generation (Billion Units)1381.91491.91089.9
% of Coal based Generation68.869.868.6
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