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DK Shivakumar Discusses National Education Policy at Vidhan Sabha Meeting.

On the 21st of August, “DK Shivakumar, a prominent political figure, participated in a significant meeting convened at Vidhan Sabha to deliberate on the National Education Policy (NEP) and its implications for the state of Karnataka”. The meeting was dedicated to exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the NEP, with a strong focus on enhancing the quality of education in the state.

Quality Education at the Core

During the meeting, DK Shivakumar reiterated the government’s commitment to elevating the quality of education offered in Karnataka. He emphasized the necessity for Karnataka’s youth to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to compete at an international level. The government’s vision extends from primary education to higher education, with a concerted effort to ensure the holistic development of students.

Karnataka’s Education System: A Model

DK Shivakumar proudly hailed Karnataka’s education system as a model for the entire nation. He attributed the state’s success, including its recognition as the IT capital of India, to the robust education system. He acknowledged that Karnataka’s education system has contributed to the state’s citizens securing prominent positions both within the country and abroad.

A State-Specific Approach

One of the pivotal discussions during the meeting centered around the National Education Policy and its implementation in Karnataka. DK Shivakumar shared that the government is dedicated to delivering on its promise of discontinuing the NEP and returning to a state education policy. He highlighted that states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra under BJP rule have not yet embraced the NEP. In contrast, Karnataka initially rushed to implement it. He stressed the importance of developing an education system tailored to the needs and aspirations of the current generation.

Empowering the New Generation

An important consensus reached during the meeting was the significance of an education system that prioritizes the welfare and future of the new generation. DK Shivakumar asserted that this principle will guide the state’s approach to education, ensuring that the policies in place are aligned with the current needs and aspirations of students.

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