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Dr Mansukh Mandaviya Expresses Gratitude to New Ministerial Responsibilities

Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, the newly appointed Minister for Labour & Employment and Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, has conveyed his sincere appreciation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the opportunity to serve in these crucial roles. Mandaviya expressed his dedication to fulfilling his duties with utmost diligence and hard work.

“I am very grateful to PM Narendra Modi for giving me the responsibility of Ministry of Labour & Employment, GoI, and YAS Ministry,” Mansukh Mandaviya stated. “The active involvement of young minds in shaping the future of a developed India and the invaluable dedication of workers in laying the foundations of a burgeoning new nation are indispensable factors for progress and prosperity.”

Mansukh Mandaviya’s acknowledgment of the significance of both ministries underscores the government’s commitment to empowering youth and ensuring the welfare of workers across the nation. With a focus on fostering youth engagement and creating opportunities for skill development, Mandaviya aims to harness the potential of India’s youth demographic for the country’s progress.

Furthermore, recognizing the invaluable contribution of workers in driving the economy and nation-building efforts, Mansukh Mandaviya pledges to prioritize their interests and well-being. Through effective policymaking and implementation, he seeks to address labor issues and promote a conducive environment for employment generation and skill enhancement.

As India navigates through various socio-economic challenges, Mandaviya’s leadership in the Ministry of Labour & Employment and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is expected to bring about positive changes that resonate with the aspirations of the youth and the workforce. With his determination and commitment, Mandaviya aims to contribute significantly to the nation’s journey towards development and prosperity.

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