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Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya participated in a Cyclathon organized by the National Board of Examination.

Today, Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya participated in a Cyclathon organized by (NBEMS) here. The “SAVE EARTH, SAVE LIFE” themed cycle rally started at Nirman Bhawan and went through Kartavya Path.

This early winter morning glycation included several cycling enthusiasts. Its aim was to encourage healthy behavior among the general population through physical activity.

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, known as a “Green MP” for his zeal for cycling, led the cyclization and urged people to use bicycles to promote health and fitness. The enthusiasm of all participants who joined the awareness rally on a cold winter morning today was appreciated by him. ”

“The bicycle is a great way to help the environment because it doesn’t produce any pollution.” On a large scale, many developed countries are using cycles.

We should aim to transform the poor man’s vehicle into a rich man’s vehicle. Fashion needs to be made a passion, not just a passing trend. He urged us to make cycling a part of our life for a Green Earth and a healthy Earth.

Highlighting the importance of cycling and physical activity, Dr. Mandaviya said, “We need to incorporate exercise in our lives for physical and mental benefits.”

He congratulated NBEMS for their “Go-Green” drive and proactive role towards health promotion and environment protection, adding that physical activities are known to keep away many non-communicable and lifestyle diseases.

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Dr. Mandaviya was accompanied by Dr. Abhijeet Sheth, President, of NBEMS, and other members of the Governing Body. NBEMS officers and staff also participated in the cyclotron.

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