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Dr. S Jaishankar Congratulates FM Anniken Huitfeldt and the Government of Norway on their National Day.

On 17th of May Dr. S Jaishankar, the Minister of External Affairs of India, extends his heartfelt congratulations to FM Anniken Huitfeldt and the Government and people of Norway on the occasion of Norway’s National Day. This significant day marks the signing of Norway’s Constitution, symbolizing the country’s independence and progress. Dr. Jaishankar’s warm felicitations reflect the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between India and Norway.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties

In his message, Dr. Jaishankar expresses his confidence in the continuous growth of bilateral relations between India and Norway. The Minister highlights the positive trajectory of the partnership and acknowledges the efforts made by both nations to enhance political, economic, and cultural ties. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining regular dialogue and engagement to further strengthen the bond between the two countries.

Collaboration in Key Sectors

Dr. Jaishankar underscores the significance of mutual cooperation between India and Norway in various sectors. Both nations have immense potential for collaboration in areas such as trade, technology, renewable energy, and Arctic affairs. The Minister emphasizes the need to explore avenues for increased trade and investment, technology sharing, and joint research and innovation. Such collaborations will not only benefit both countries but also contribute to global sustainable development.

Shared Values and Commitments

India and Norway share common values and interests that form the foundation of their relationship. Both nations are vibrant democracies with a strong commitment to human rights, equality, and inclusive growth. They are also staunch advocates of sustainable development and have been at the forefront of global initiatives addressing climate change and environmental protection. Dr. Jaishankar highlights the potential for joint efforts in tackling common challenges and promoting global peace, security, and stability.

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