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Earthquake Alert: Magnitude 3.6 Quake Strikes Near Kathmandu, Nepal

The National Center for Seismology recently issued a seismic alert following the occurrence of an earthquake in the vicinity of Kathmandu, Nepal. According to the latest data provided, the earthquake measured a magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale and struck at 04:38:20 IST on the 5th of November, 2023.

The seismic event’s epicenter was pinpointed at a depth of 10 kilometers beneath the earth’s surface. The precise coordinates of the quake’s origin were recorded at 28.63 latitude and 83.94 longitude. This places the earthquake’s epicenter approximately 169 kilometers northwest of the city of Kathmandu, Nepal.

“The seismic activity, while registering a moderate 3.6 on the Richter scale, has drawn attention due to its proximity to the densely populated area around Kathmandu. As per the National Center for Seismology’s data, the earthquake’s epicenter was within a reasonable depth beneath the surface, which often impacts the intensity of its effects on the surrounding regions”.

“No immediate reports of damage or casualties have been confirmed in the aftermath of the seismic activity. However, monitoring and vigilance continue to be essential as mild to moderate earthquakes can sometimes cause structural damage to buildings and infrastructure”.

Authorities and local residents are advised to remain cautious and prepared, considering the seismic history of the region. Additionally, ongoing updates and evaluations by seismic monitoring agencies are crucial for assessing any potential aftershocks or related seismic events following the initial earthquake.

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