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Earthquake in Andaman Sea: NCS Issues Alert on Magnitude 4.2 Quake

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Earthquake in Andaman Sea: In a recent seismic event, the Andaman Sea experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2, sending ripples of concern across the region. The National Center for Seismology has reported that the earthquake occurred on December 19, 2023, at 03:51:01 IST, with the epicenter located at Lat: 7.51 and Long: 94.65, and a depth of 10 km.

Initial Alert: National Center for Seismology Reports Earthquake in Andaman Sea

The National Center for Seismology was quick to respond to the earthquake in Andaman Sea. In their initial alert, they confirmed that the earthquake had a magnitude of 4.2, providing crucial details about the occurrence, including the date, time, and geographic coordinates.

Magnitude and Location: Understanding the Impact of the Earthquake

Measuring the seismic event at 4.2 on the Richter scale, the earthquake in Andaman Sea raised concerns about its potential impact. The specified location at Lat: 7.51 and Long: 94.65 placed it in the maritime region, emphasizing the need for vigilance and monitoring.

Depth and Intensity:

The seismic event’s depth, recorded at 10 km, adds a layer of complexity to its understanding. The National Center for Seismology’s announcement included this critical parameter, crucial for assessing the earthquake’s potential effects and its resonance in the surrounding areas.

Highlighting the geographical significance, the Andaman Sea served as the epicenter of this earthquake. The implications of seismic activity in maritime regions can vary, and the authorities are keenly observing any potential repercussions.

Call to Vigilance: National Center for Seismology Issues Advisory

Understanding the importance of prompt response and preparedness, the National Center for Seismology issued an advisory urging residents and relevant authorities to remain vigilant. Earthquakes, even of moderate magnitude, can have varying degrees of impact, necessitating a proactive approach to minimize risks.

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