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Earthquake Tremors Shake North India, Including Delhi and NCR.

Earthquake: Late on a Friday night, a seismic event sent tremors rippling through various parts of North India, creating a moment of panic and concern in areas like Delhi & the National Capital Region (NCR), which includes Noida, Gurugram, & Faridabad. The unsettling tremors, perceived in the midst of the night, left many residents shaken and on alert.

The National Center for Seismology, took to social media to convey alarming news about a seismic disturbance. According to their report, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 had struck Nepal, sending shockwaves that traversed across Northern India, leading to vibrations felt notably in Delhi and the surrounding areas of NCR.

“The sudden tremors prompted a flurry of reactions from residents, who took to social platforms to share their experiences and express their concerns. The swaying of buildings, trembling of the ground, and the disquieting sensation of the earth’s movement triggered immediate discussions and inquiries about the quake’s magnitude and epicenter”.

The confirmation from the National Center for Seismology alerted the public to the significant seismic event that originated in Nepal. The impact of this earthquake not only rattled the affected areas in Nepal but also reverberated across borders, sending tremors through various parts of North India.

“The occurrence of an earthquake of this scale drew attention to the region’s vulnerability to seismic activities and the necessity for preparedness to mitigate potential risks. The swift dissemination of information and updates by seismological agencies facilitated awareness and informed responses in the aftermath of the tremors”.

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