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ED’s Sanjay Khatri Clinches Bronze: A Dual Triumph in Civil Services and Wrestling Arena

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In a noteworthy dual display of skill and determination, Shri Sanjay Khatri, a dedicated professional in the Directorate of Enforcement, New Delhi, adds a Bronze Medal to his list of accomplishments. Beyond the corridors of civil services, Khatri recently showcased his prowess on the wrestling mat, leaving an indelible mark on the All India Civil Services Wrestling Championship.

A Medal on the Mat:

Competing in the fiercely contested 55 Kg category in the Men’s Greco Roman Style, Khatri demonstrated not only his mettle in the world of enforcement but also his physical prowess in the wrestling arena. The All India Civil Services Wrestling Championship, held at Thyagraj Stadium from October 16th to 19th, 2023, witnessed Khatri’s remarkable achievement, clinching the Bronze Medal.

Balancing Dual Responsibilities:

Sanjay Khatri’s achievement highlights his ability to balance the demanding responsibilities of civil services with a passion for sports. Wrestling in the Greco-Roman Style requires exceptional strength, technique, and mental fortitude—qualities that Khatri seamlessly embodies both in the workplace and on the mat.

A Commendable Feat:

Securing a medal in a national-level championship is a commendable feat, and Khatri’s accomplishment resonates not only with his colleagues at the Directorate of Enforcement but also with the broader civil services community. His dedication to excellence extends beyond the professional realm, showcasing a multifaceted individual committed to personal and athletic growth.

Inspiration for Colleagues:

Shri Sanjay Khatri’s achievement serves as an inspiration for colleagues and aspiring individuals within the civil services. His success underscores the importance of holistic development and pursuing one’s passions alongside professional commitments, fostering a well-rounded and accomplished persona.

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