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Eva Lawler Sworn In as Northern Territory’s 13th Chief Minister: Anthony Albanese Congratulated

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In a momentous announcement, Anthony Albanese extended his congratulations to Eva Lawler, recognizing her elevation to the role of the 13th Chief Minister of the Northern Territory. Albanese commended Lawler as a lifelong advocate for the power of education and an ardent believer in the boundless potential of the NT.

Eva Lawler officially took the oath of office in a ceremony at Government House on Thursday, marking her ascent to the position of Chief Minister. Her promotion follows the resignation of Natasha Fyles, who stepped down due to an undisclosed shareholding, and the unsuccessful leadership bid of her deputy, Nicole Manison.

Chansey Paech, the Member for Gwoja, now assumes the role of Deputy Chief Minister, succeeding Ms. Manison. The Labor Caucus unanimously supported Lawler and Paech during a meeting held on Wednesday afternoon.

“We are focused on tackling the cost of living, providing opportunities for Territorians, and ensuring the safety of our community,” remarked Chief Minister Lawler in response to the announcement.

Eva Lawler, representing the electorate of Drysdale in Palmerston, brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Prior to entering Northern Territory politics in 2016, she had a distinguished career as a schoolteacher and principal. Lawler swiftly rose through the political ranks, assuming the role of Education Minister shortly after her election.

“While her tenure as Education Minister faced criticism for poor remote education outcomes and government policies impacting funding for remote schools, Lawler has been described as one of the hardest-working figures in politics. In the October reshuffle of Natasha Fyles’s cabinet, Lawler retained both the education ministry and her position as treasurer, a role she has held since 2022, although she lost her position as infrastructure minister”.

Anthony Albanese’s acknowledgment of Eva Lawler’s dedication to education underscores the Chief Minister’s commitment to prioritizing issues such as the cost of living, fostering opportunities for Territorians, and maintaining community safety. As Natasha Fyles and Nicole Manison transition to the backbench, Lawler assumes leadership with a focus on addressing critical challenges and steering the Northern Territory towards a promising future.

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