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Extreme Flood Situation in Khandwa: River Narmada at Abna

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The Central Water Commission has issued an official flood forecast that raises alarms about an extreme flood situation in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. The forecast pertains to the water levels of River Narmada at the Abna location, which has reached a perilous level, surpassing its previous highest flood mark.

As per the latest update, River Narmada at Abna in Khandwa district is now flowing at an elevation of 301.55 meters, and it is exhibiting a rising trend. This level is notably 0.28 meters higher than its previous Highest Flood Level (HFL) of 301.27 meters.

The extreme flood situation signals an urgent need for heightened vigilance, preparedness, and response measures in the affected areas. Local authorities and disaster management teams are advised to take immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of residents in vulnerable zones.

Floods can pose significant risks to communities, causing damage to property, infrastructure, and agricultural lands, as well as posing threats to human lives. It is essential for residents in flood-prone regions to stay informed about the latest updates and follow the instructions provided by local authorities to mitigate the impact of the flood situation.

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