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Extreme Flood Situation Persists: River Narmada at Hathed, MP

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The Central Water Commission (CWC) has issued an official flood forecast update, providing concerning news about the ongoing extreme flood situation along the River Narmada at Hathed, located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh.

As per the latest report, River Narmada at Hathed is currently flowing at an elevation of 297.5 meters, and this water level is exhibiting a rising trend. Significantly, the current level surpasses the previous Highest Flood Level (HFL) of 297.35 meters by 0.15 meters.

“An extreme flood situation implies a critical and potentially hazardous condition that requires immediate attention, preparedness, and response measures. Extreme flooding can result in severe consequences, including flash floods, inundation of low-lying areas, and damage to property and infrastructure”.

“Residents in the affected regions are urged to remain vigilant and follow safety guidelines provided by local authorities. It is essential to prioritize safety during such flood situations and take proactive measures to protect lives and property”.

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