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G Kishan Reddy Welcomes Former MLA Sridevi and Leaders to BJP Telangana.

BJP leader G Kishan Reddy extended a warm invitation to former MLA Sridevi and several other prominent leaders from the Adilabad district to join the BJP fold. Reddy expressed his eagerness to work under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and welcomed the leaders and their staff with open arms.

Former MLA Sridevi, along with her husband Bellampalli’s former municipal president Rajeswara Rao, and senior leader of Chennur constituency, Sanjeev Rao, have been invited to join the BJP Telangana. Their decision to join the BJP is seen as a significant boost to the party’s efforts to strengthen its position in the region.

G Kishan Reddy expressed his confidence that the inclusion of these experienced leaders would contribute significantly to the BJP’s expansion in the Adilabad district. With their deep-rooted connection with the local community and years of experience in public service, their presence is expected to resonate well with the electorate.

G Kishan Reddy’s praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership underscores the party’s trust in the PM’s vision and transformative governance. The BJP has been focusing on its development-driven agenda, and the leadership of Narendra Modi has been instrumental in garnering support and loyalty from leaders and voters alike.

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