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Gender Equality: The Fundamental Pillar for Societal Equality – Jagdeep Dhankhar

Delhi: Gender equality remains a crucial and ever-evolving aspect of societal and political dynamics, particularly in the context of legislative bodies such as the Indian Parliament. The recent discourse delivered by the Vice President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, at the Platinum Jubilee Address of Miranda House, emphatically underscored the significance of gender equality as the cornerstone of broader societal parity.

Key Remarks by Vice President Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar

In his thought-provoking speech, Shri Dhankhar unequivocally emphasized that genuine equality in society cannot be achieved without ensuring gender equality. He stressed that it must transcend mere formal acknowledgment and manifest as a tangible reality within the societal fabric. His words illuminate the pivotal role of gender parity in shaping the future and governance of a nation.

Empowering Women in the Indian Parliament

Acknowledging the pivotal role of women in the Indian Parliament, the Vice President lauded their substantial impact, emphasizing that their presence can significantly transform the atmosphere within legislative chambers. Shri Dhankhar highlighted the immense value that women bring to the table, drawing from their life experiences and the diverse challenges they confront. He stressed that such insights are instrumental in shaping policies crucial for resolving larger societal issues.

Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam and Women’s Leadership

The passing of the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam is hailed as a landmark achievement in history. Shri Dhankhar’s selection of 17 women parliamentarians to lead the Upper House during discussions on the women’s reservation bill symbolizes a progressive shift in the landscape of parliamentary leadership. His call to aspiring young women to take the forefront and shape the world resonates with the ongoing empowerment initiatives.

Progressive Reforms and Empowerment Initiatives

The Vice President attributed the substantial increase in women parliamentarians elected during the 2019 General Elections to various initiatives promoting women’s empowerment. The eradication of the phenomenon of ‘Sarpanch Pati’ and the increased representation of women in political spheres is evidence of the evolving landscape that champions gender equality.

Women’s Sacrifices and Contributions

Recognizing the substantial sacrifices made by women for their families, society, children, and elders, Shri Dhankhar highlighted the automatic correlation between justice for women and the upliftment of society at large. He emphasized the inherent virtues, sublimity, and service exemplified by the female gender, urging society to recognize and empower these qualities.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi and the Road to Empowerment

Citing Mahatma Gandhi’s assertion that the country’s salvation is intertwined with women’s active participation in public life, the Vice President celebrated the realization of Bapu’s vision. He highlighted numerous government initiatives that have led to the engagement of women in combat positions within the defense forces and their access to educational institutions like Sainik Schools, emphasizing that such changes are pivotal in driving societal progress.

Economic Empowerment and National Development

The discussion expanded to encompass initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Mission, where the focus on providing toilets in every home directly upholds women’s dignity and respect. The Vice President also underscored how schemes like Har Ghar Jal & Mudra have significantly contributed to women’s empowerment and societal progress.

India’s Economic Rise and the Role of Women

Shri Dhankhar proudly attributed India’s ascent to the fifth-largest economy to the substantial contributions made by women. The relentless rise of the Indian economy, driven principally by women, speaks volumes about the paradigm shift in societal roles and contributions.

A Call for National Pride and Economic Nationalism

The Vice President addressed the challenges faced by India’s growth story, urging the younger generation to actively participate and counter dissenting elements. He emphasized the need for economic nationalism, encouraging citizens to take pride in local products and contribute to the nation’s development.

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