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Grandma Vibes: 85-Year-Old Vijay Nishchal Aka Dadi’s Viral Cooking Videos with a Musical Twist

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Embracing the digital era with style, 85-year-old dadi Vijay Nishchal has become an internet sensation, showcasing her exceptional cooking skills on her own YouTube channel. Breaking stereotypes, this grandma not only enters the world of content creation but does so with flair and rhythm.

Vijay Nishchal’s cooking videos take a unique twist as she combines culinary expertise with a love for music. In a recent Instagram post, she is spotted baking an eggless cake while grooving to Drake’s hit song “Fair Trade,” humorously captioned as “Eggless cake Ft. dadi Drake.”

A Viral Hit

The video has struck a chord, amassing over 5 million views and a flood of likes and comments. The spirited grandma effortlessly melds the art of baking with the joy of music, proving that age is just a number when it comes to embracing new adventures.

Online Praise

Netizens showered her with praise and admiration. One viewer remarked, “Her grandchildren are so lucky,” emphasizing the joy her videos bring. Others expressed awe at her cool and energetic vibe, with comments like “Vibing with dadi” and “Coolest dadi ever.” Vijay Nishchal’s delightful fusion of cooking and music proves that age is no barrier to spreading joy and positivity online.

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