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Happy Gujarati New Year 2023: Wishes & Messages to Celebrate New Year Today

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Happy Gujarati New Year 2023: As the vibrant state of Gujarat revels in the joyous occasion of Bestu Varas, also known as Gujarati New Year, on this auspicious 14th of November, the air is filled with festive ardor and the spirit of new beginnings. Shukla Paksha Pratipada in the month of Kartik heralds the commencement of this cultural celebration, marked by unique traditions and heartfelt festivities.

Significance of Gujarati New Year

A Cultural Extravaganza

Gujarati New Year fondly referred to as Nutan Varsh, extends beyond the mere flipping of calendars. It’s a cultural spectacle that embraces elaborate traditions and deep symbolism. According to the Drik Panchang, this day holds special significance as it signifies not just the passage of time but the opportunity to embark on a new chapter in life.

The Ritual of Chopda Puja

At the heart of Bestu Varas lies the revered Chopda Puja, a ritual where aging account books are ceremonially closed, making way for the inauguration of new ones. The traditional account books, referred to as Chopda, hold a pivotal role in this sacred ceremony. It is during the Diwali Puja that these hallowed books are inaugurated in the presence of Goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of wealth and prosperity.

Wishes for Prosperity

Seeking the Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi

On this joyous occasion, devotees across Gujarat come together to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for a year filled with prosperity and success. The inauguration of new account books symbolizes a fresh financial start, and prayers are offered to the goddess for abundance and good fortune in the coming year.

Quotes to Inspire

Embracing Positivity and Optimism

In the spirit of celebrating Bestu Varas, it’s customary to share inspirational quotes that resonate with the optimism of a new beginning. Words have the power to uplift spirits and set a positive tone for the upcoming year. As we embark on this journey, let these quotes inspire and motivate us to face challenges with courage and grace.

Messages of Love and Unity

Strengthening Bonds

Gujarati New Year is not just a time for personal reflection but also for strengthening bonds with family and friends. Sending heartfelt messages that convey love, unity, and good wishes is a cherished tradition. These messages serve as a reminder of the importance of relationships in our lives and the need to nurture them as we step into a new year.


As the festive air envelops Gujarat and beyond, the celebration of Gujarati New Year transcends mere rituals. It’s a profound reflection of a community’s rich cultural tapestry and the collective aspiration for a brighter future. Bestu Varas is not just a day on the calendar; it’s a symbol of hope, renewal, and the enduring spirit of togetherness.

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