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Heavy Rainfall and Strong Winds Forecasted in Kerala and Maharashtra

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In a weather update, it has been predicted that both Kerala and Maharashtra are likely to experience heavy to very heavy rainfall. Alongside this, strong winds blowing at speeds of 30-40 kilometers per hour are also expected. As an orange alert for rainfall is issued, the general public is urged to exercise caution, especially in flood-prone areas and regions with poor road conditions, in order to ensure safety.

Weather Forecast for Kerala and Maharashtra

The meteorological department has issued a concerning weather forecast for the states of Kerala and Maharashtra. Both regions are expected to receive a significant amount of rainfall, categorized as heavy to very heavy. This expected rainfall, combined with the accompanying strong winds, poses potential challenges for residents and authorities alike.

Orange Alert Issued

An “orange alert” has been declared due to the severity of the weather conditions. An orange alert indicates that the weather has the potential to significantly disrupt normal life and may result in flooding, waterlogging, and transportation issues. It is, therefore, essential for the public to stay informed and heed safety guidelines.

Public Caution and Preparedness

The public is strongly urged to exercise caution in the wake of this weather forecast. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest weather information, follow safety precautions, and avoid unnecessary travel during adverse conditions. This is particularly important for those residing in flood-prone areas and regions with poor road infrastructure, where the impact of heavy rainfall and strong winds can be more severe.

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