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Heavy rainfall recorded in south-west Madhya Pradesh: 3 districts drenched

In an unprecedented weather event, South West Madhya Pradesh has experienced record-breaking rainfall in the past 24 hours. Three districts in the region—Katthiwada in Alirajpur, Meghnagar in Jhabua, and Dhar city—have witnessed an extraordinary deluge, marking this as the highest recorded rainfall in Madhya Pradesh since 1958.

Katthiwada Soaked with 341 mm of Rainfall

Katthiwada, located in Alirajpur district, recorded an astonishing 341 mm of rainfall, turning the region into a waterlogged landscape. The heavy downpour has not only filled reservoirs but also raised concerns about flooding in low-lying areas.

Meghnagar in Jhabua Records 316 mm

Meghnagar in Jhabua district was not far behind, with 316 mm of rainfall. The relentless rain has led to overflowing rivers and streams, causing temporary disruptions in transportation and posing challenges for residents.

Dhar City Receives 301.3 mm of Rainfall

Dhar city, one of the urban centers in South West Madhya Pradesh, experienced 301.3 mm of rainfall. The city streets transformed into waterways as drainage systems struggled to cope with the massive inflow of water.

A Historic Weather Event

The scale of rainfall in these three districts is unprecedented and has not been seen in Madhya Pradesh for over six decades. Such extreme weather events underscore the unpredictable nature of climate patterns and the need for effective disaster preparedness and management.

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of residents and minimize any potential damage caused by the heavy rainfall. Citizens are advised to exercise caution, avoid unnecessary travel, and stay updated with weather alerts as the region navigates through this historic weather event.

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