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Hema Malini Delights in Ayodhya Visit, Prepares for Raag Seva

Renowned actress and Member of Parliament Hema Malini embarked on a spiritual journey as she visited the newly-constructed Ram Temple in Ayodhya on Friday, February 16. Sharing her profound experience, Hema Malini took to Twitter to express her sentiments, accompanied by captivating pictures of the magnificent temple.

Hema Malini took to Twitter to share snapshots of the Ram Temple, expressing her joy in being present in Ayodhya with her family and relishing the divine sight of Ram Lalla. She expressed her gratitude, especially as she anticipated performing her Raag Seva in the temple for Ram Lalla. Highlighting the temple’s significance as a venue for performances by eminent artists, she described the experience as a divine calling.

The visit not only symbolized Hema Malini’s devotion to Lord Ram but also highlighted her commitment to preserving and promoting Indian culture through her Raag Seva performance at the temple. As she soaked in the spiritual aura of the revered deity, Hema Malini’s presence added to the sanctity of the Ram Temple, further enriching its cultural significance.

Hema Malini’s pilgrimage to the Ram Temple serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring spiritual legacy of Ayodhya and reaffirms the collective faith and reverence towards Lord Ram that transcends the boundaries of art, politics, and society.

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