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Home Minister Amit Shah to Chair Regional Conference on “Drugs Smuggling and National Security”.

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Under the leadership of Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, the Regional Conference on ‘Drugs Smuggling and National Security’ will take place in New Delhi today. This conference serves as a platform to address the critical issue of drug smuggling and its impact on national security.

During the conference, the National Crime Bureau (NCB) will coordinate with Anti-Narcotics Task Forces (ANTFs) from all states to destroy over 1,44,000 kilograms of drugs with an estimated value of Rs. 2,416 crore. In a coordinated effort, the NCB’s Hyderabad unit will dispose of 6,590 kilograms of seized narcotics, while the Indore unit will eliminate 822 kilograms, and the Jammu unit will eradicate 356 kilograms of illicit substances. Moreover, numerous law enforcement agencies across different states will collaborate to collectively destroy a substantial quantity of 1,44,122 kilograms of drugs, underscoring their commitment to combating drug-related crimes.

The destruction of drugs will occur nationwide, with specific quantities slated for destruction in different states. The quantities of drugs to be destroyed in various states are as follows: 1,486 kilograms in Assam, 229 kilograms in Chandigarh, 25 kilograms in Goa, 4,277 kilograms in Gujarat, 2,458 kilograms in Haryana, 4,069 kilograms in J&K, 1,03,884 kilograms in MP, 159 kilograms in Maharashtra, 1,803 kilograms in Tripura, and 4,049 kilograms in UP.

This regional conference and the subsequent drug destruction drive align with the ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy against narcotics adopted by the Indian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. From June 1, 2022, to July 15, 2023, the NCB and ANTFs have collectively destroyed approximately 8,76,554 kilograms of seized drugs worth approximately Rs. 9,580 crores. This accomplishment is more than 11 times the target set.

With the scheduled drug destruction on Monday, the total quantity of drugs destroyed in one year will reach around 10 lakh kilograms, with an estimated value of around Rs. 12,000 crore. This campaign actively supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of achieving a drugs-free India and will continue with the same zeal in the future.

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