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Home Minister Commemorates Telangana Liberation Day, Pays Tribute to Sardar Patel

Union Home Minister Amit Shah took center stage as the chief guest during the celebrations of Telangana Liberation Day, commemorating the region’s freedom from the rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The event marked the completion of 75 years since the liberation of Telangana.

During his address, Amit Shah underscored the significant role played by Sardar Patel, often referred to as the “Iron Man of India,” in achieving this crucial milestone in the history of the region. He credited Sardar Patel’s resolute approach and the principle of “Nation First” for orchestrating the Hyderabad Police Action, which led to the surrender of the Nizam’s Razakars’ army without any bloodshed.

“Shah noted that Sardar Patel’s vision extended beyond just liberating the region, as he worked diligently to integrate Bidar in the Telangana region of Karnataka with Marathwada, thereby expanding India’s territorial integrity”.

The Union Home Minister highlighted the sacrifices made by numerous individuals and organizations during the Telangana liberation movement, including Arya Samaj, Hindu Mahasabha, Osmania University, and the youth of Bidar. He paid tribute to the countless heroes who gave their all to achieve the liberation of Telangana.

Shah acknowledged that, despite gaining independence from British rule, the people of Telangana endured 399 days of oppressive Nizam rule, making the liberation even more significant. He emphasized that Sardar Patel’s respect for the people’s sentiments and his meticulous planning resulted in a peaceful transition.

“Amit Shah expressed regret that for the past 75 years, successive governments had overlooked the importance of Telangana Liberation Day due to political considerations. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a new tradition in 2022, declaring that the Ministry of Culture would celebrate this historic day every year on September 17”.

The Union Home Minister outlined three main objectives for celebrating Telangana Liberation Day. First, it aims to instill patriotic values in the younger generation by educating them about this heroic struggle. Second, it pays homage to the martyrs who sacrificed everything for the liberation of Hyderabad. Lastly, it serves as a rededication to the nation to fulfill the dreams of the martyrs and contribute to India’s progress.

“Shah reminded the audience that Sardar Patel had likened the oppressive Nizam rule to “stomach cancer” for India, necessitating surgical intervention to liberate Hyderabad through police action. He lamented that some previous governments hesitated to celebrate Telangana Liberation Day for fear of vote bank politics”.

The Home Minister emphasized the importance of taking pride in India’s history, freedom struggle, and the sacrifices of its heroes to move the country forward. He urged the people of Telangana, Kalyana Karnataka, and Marathwada to remember this historic day and the sacrifices of the martyrs, providing inspiration for future generations to contribute to the nation’s development.

Amit Shah concluded by acknowledging the foundation stone laying ceremony for family residences of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) in Ibrahimpatnam, stating that it marked a new beginning for the families of SSB soldiers from South India. Additionally, he highlighted the issuance of postal stamps in memory of renowned journalist and martyr Shoaibullah Khan and Ramji Gond.

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