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Home Remedies for Asthma

Last updated on July 28th, 2023 at 03:10 pm

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, wheezing, and coughing. Asthma can be triggered by environmental factors, such as dust or pollen, as well as by physical activity or cold air. Symptoms can vary in severity from person to person. Asthma is a serious condition that can be life-threatening.

1. Karpoorathy oil:-

Karpoorathy oil is traditionally used to help with asthma. Relieving the phlegm that gets accumulated in the chest might help with breathing. The oil might be suggested to be applied to your back and chest by an ayurvedic physician. More research is required to state the potential effects of karpoorathy oil on asthma.

2. Pranayama   

Breathing exercises are mentioned for people with asthma in Kayakarpam (a division of Siddha medicine). Pranayama is the name given to these breathing exercises. Asthma might be helped with these exercises that strengthen the respiratory system. They might also help lower stress. You should consult with an expert in Siddha to guide you through the pranayama exercises.

3. Mulethi  

Liquorice root is also known as mulethi or yashtimadhu. It belongs to the family Fabaceae and is scientifically known as Glycyrrhiza galbra. It has the potential to help with asthma. An Ayurvedic physician might recommend a tea made from the root of liquorice. To make the tea, you should boil the root in water. This tea might help with asthma. More studies are needed to confirm the possible effects of mulethi on asthma. It is advised that you consult a doctor before using it.

4. Ajwain Patta  

It is known by various names in different languages, such as Karpuravalli in Tamil, Pathurchur in Marathi, Indian mint, Cuban oregano, Indian borage, and Mexican mint in English. The leaves of this plant have the potential to help alleviate asthma symptoms. A few leaves boiled in water and the resulting vapors inhaled may help with asthma. A decoction of ginger, pepper, and honey might also be helpful in relieving chest congestion. You should consult a doctor before using it.

5. Clove

In India, clove is a common kitchen spice. It might help with asthma and other respiratory problems. A decoction is made by using it. You should take the coarse powder of clove, a few tulsi (basil) leaves, and black pepper, and boil them in some water to make the decoction. Your Ayurvedic physician might recommend drinking this preparation. Before using it, please consult a doctor.

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