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Hon’ble CM Shri Bhupendrap today unveiled the Gujarat Electronics Policy (2022-28)

The Gujarat Electronics Policy (2022-28) is a much-needed step in the right direction to develop the electronics sector in the state. The policy has been unveiled by CM Shri Bhupendra Patel, with a vision to create a robust electronics manufacturing ecosystem and make Gujarat a preferred destination for the Global Electronics Industry.

The policy is aimed at creating world-class infrastructure, providing conducive environment for investment, and enhancing the skill-set of the workforce. In addition, the policy will also focus on promoting R&D and innovation in the sector.

The state government is confident that the policy will help in the overall growth of the electronics sector in Gujarat. With the right implementation, the policy is sure to bring in a lot of investment and create jobs in the state.

This was great news for the people of Gujarat, who were eager to see their state flourish. Young people were especially excited about the prospect of finding good jobs in the electronics industry.

The policy had already generated a lot of interest from global electronics manufacturers. Several companies had already announced their plans to set up shop in Gujarat. This was sure to create thousands of jobs and bring in much-needed investment to the state.

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