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Indian Toy Makers receive huge Orders at Germany’s Nuremberg Toy Fair

Indian toy makers showcased their prowess on the global stage at the five-day international toy fair held in Nuremberg, Germany, from January 30 to February 3, 2024. Their exceptional products garnered immense attention, resulting in orders worth over $10 million, as reported by exporters.

The success of the Indian toy industry is attributed to government initiatives such as mandatory quality norms, increased customs duties, and the implementation of the National Action Plan on Toys (NAPT). These measures have bolstered the production of high-quality toys, earning accolades on the international platform.

The Indian toy sector is experiencing robust growth and competes effectively with its global counterparts. Notably, wooden toys and educational learning toys emerged as highly sought-after categories at the fair, reflecting the industry’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Buyers from key markets including the US, UK, South Africa, and Germany displayed keen interest in Indian products, resulting in a significant number of orders. The presence of over 55 Indian participants underscored the industry’s strong representation and competitiveness on the global stage.

Indian manufacturers highlighted a notable shift in buyers’ perceptions, with India emerging as a preferred sourcing destination. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative, Toyeconomy, has played a pivotal role in elevating India’s stature in the global toy industry.

The Nuremberg Toy Show catalyzed international collaborations, with Indian manufacturers gaining recognition and acceptance in the global arena. Partnerships with renowned international players like Snapdeal and Walmart are on the horizon, signaling further growth prospects for the Indian toy industry.

The surge in international recognition of ‘Made in India’ toys is poised to drive export growth significantly. Notably, there has been a remarkable decrease in toy imports and a substantial increase in exports, showcasing India’s growing prominence as a manufacturing hub.

As domestic manufacturers explore tie-ups with global giants and continue to receive government support, the Indian toy sector is primed for continued success and expansion in the global market landscape.

The conclusion of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair marked a significant milestone for the Indian toy industry, reaffirming its position as a key player in the global toy market. With participation from over 2,000 exhibitors representing 65 countries, the fair showcased the industry’s vibrancy and potential for future growth.

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