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Ira Khan Shares Selfies in Re-Worn Wedding Attire

Ira Khan‘s wedding to Nupur Shikhare in January 2024 has been a highlight of the year, featuring elaborate ceremonies culminating in a grand Mumbai reception.

Re-Wearing Wedding Attire

Recently, Ira confidently shared selfies in her repurposed wedding clothes on Instagram, advocating for embracing and reusing ceremonial attire without hesitation.

Instagram Moments

Ira Khan’s Instagram post garnered attention from Kiran Rao, who liked the photos, and Nupur Shikhare, who showered affectionate emojis in the comments, celebrating his wife’s stunning look.

Celebrating Tradition and Style

Ira Khan’s gesture not only showcased her fashion-forward approach but also celebrated the significance of wedding traditions and personal style, resonating deeply with followers and admirers alike.

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