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JP Nadda flags off ‘Developed India Modi’s Guarantee’ video van

In a significant move ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President JP Nadda inaugurated the ‘Sankalp-Patra Suggestion’ campaign and flagged off the ‘Developed India Modi’s Guarantee’ video van in New Delhi today.

During the inauguration, JP Nadda outlined the objectives of the ‘Sankalp-Patra Suggestion’ campaign, stating, “Under this campaign, by March 15, we aim to receive more than 1 crore suggestions from across the country. These suggestions will be carefully incorporated to shape the Sankalp Patra, reflecting the aspirations of the people.”

Emphasizing the significance of the ‘Developed India Modi’s Guarantee’ video van, JP Nadda expressed, “Through these video vans, the Bharatiya Janata Party will showcase to the public across the country the commendable work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in realizing the vision of a developed India.”

Furthermore, JP Nadda called upon party members and citizens to rally behind PM Modi’s leadership and work towards fulfilling the aspirations of the people in the next five years. He urged everyone to join hands in realizing the resolve of building a self-reliant and developed India, echoing the spirit of Amritkal.

The ‘Sankalp-Patra Suggestion’ campaign and the ‘Developed India Modi’s Guarantee’ video van initiative reflect BJP’s commitment to engaging with citizens and showcasing the government’s achievements under PM Modi’s leadership. As the nation gears up for the elections, these initiatives aim to strengthen the party’s connection with the electorate and reinforce its vision for a prosperous and self-reliant India.

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