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JP Nadda Pays Tribute to Revolutionary Ramprasad Bismil

Jagat Prakash Nadda, President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), honors the legacy of Shaheed Ramprasad Bismil on his birth anniversary, acknowledging his profound impact on India’s struggle for freedom. Nadda bowed down to the memory of the great freedom fighter, recognizing him as an immortal son of Maa Bharati.

“During the Indian freedom struggle, Ramprasad Bismil ji’s thoughts and literature ignited the flame of freedom in the people of the country,” Nadda remarked. “He instilled in the youth the spirit of sacrificing everything for Maa Bharati. His sacrifice, bravery, and struggle-filled life will always inspire us.”

Ram Prasad Bismil, born on June 11, 1897, was not only a revolutionary but also a poet and writer of great repute. He played a pivotal role in India’s fight against British colonial rule, participating in notable events such as the Mainpuri Conspiracy of 1918 and the Kakori Conspiracy of 1925. Bismil’s literary contributions, composed in Urdu and Hindi under the pen names Ram, Agyat, and Bismil, earned him widespread recognition.

A staunch advocate of independence, Ramprasad Bismil was associated with the Arya Samaj and was a founding member of the Hindustan Republican Association, a revolutionary organization dedicated to liberating India from British rule.

Ramprasad Bismil’s unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom led to his ultimate sacrifice. He was hanged on December 19, 1927, for his revolutionary activities, but his legacy continues to inspire generations of Indians.

As the nation remembers the birth anniversary of this remarkable patriot, JP Nadda’s tribute serves as a poignant reminder of Bismil’s enduring spirit and his invaluable contribution to India’s journey towards independence.

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