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Karan Johar’s Willy Wonka-themed Birthday Bash for Twins Yash and Roohi

Karan Johar, the celebrated filmmaker, pulled out all the stops to celebrate the seventh birthday of his adorable twins, Yash and Roohi. The lavish affair, inspired by the iconic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” dazzled guests and spectators alike.

Sharing heartfelt sentiments on social media alongside charming snapshots of the festivities, Karan expressed profound gratitude to his children for enriching his life. He penned a touching note, celebrating their infectious laughter, playful sass, and boundless love that have profoundly impacted his life for the better.

Karan Johar Hosts Willy Wonka-themed Birthday for Yash and Roohi

The party, reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s whimsical world, featured enchanting décor including a candy corner that delighted guests of all ages. Performers adorned in signature Willy Wonka hats added to the magical ambiance. Videos captured the twins’ sheer delight as they reveled amidst a backdrop of vibrant balloons while a young gymnast performed breathtaking somersaults overhead.

Acknowledging his mother Hiroo Johar’s unwavering support, Karan expressed heartfelt gratitude, recognizing her as a pillar of strength and a loving presence in Yash and Roohi’s lives.

The carousel of images showcased tender moments shared between the twins and their grandmother, with Karan’s affectionate gestures prominently featured.

The star-studded celebration drew warm wishes from Bollywood luminaries, underscoring the affection and admiration showered upon Yash and Roohi on their special day.

Karan Johar’s journey of becoming a father through surrogacy in February 2017 has been a source of immense happiness and satisfaction, which is evident from the love and care he has for his twins.

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