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Kerala and Mahe Receive Isolated Heavy Rainfall: Regional Updates

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Kerala and Mahe, located in the southern part of India, are no strangers to the monsoon’s capricious nature. These regions, known for their lush landscapes and tropical climate, have once again experienced isolated heavy rainfall. Here are the latest updates on the rainfall statistics from various areas in Kerala and Mahe:

  1. Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram District): This coastal city, the capital of Kerala, has received approximately 21 centimeters of rainfall, making it one of the most affected areas.
  2. Cherthala (Alappuzha District): Cherthala, situated in Alappuzha District, has reported around 20 centimeters of rainfall, indicating a substantial amount of precipitation.
  3. Mavelikara (Alappuzha District): In Mavelikara, also located in Alappuzha District, the rainfall has measured approximately 17 centimeters, further contributing to the wet conditions.
  4. Thiruvalla (Pathanamthitta District): Thiruvalla, situated in Pathanamthitta District, has witnessed a rainfall of about 15 centimeters, adding to the regional precipitation.

While these numbers represent isolated yet substantial rainfall, it’s essential to keep in mind that Kerala and Mahe often receive heavy rains due to their geographical location and proximity to the Arabian Sea. These monsoonal showers play a crucial role in maintaining the region’s lush greenery and are an integral part of its unique ecosystem.

Residents and authorities in these areas are well-prepared to handle the seasonal variations in weather, and measures are in place to manage the impact of heavy rainfall. As the region navigates through this rainy season, staying informed about local weather forecasts and advisories is always advisable to ensure safety and well-being.

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