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Madhya Pradesh Deputy CM Rajendra Shukla Inaugurates One State-One Health Symposium

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Bhopal: In a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare initiatives in Madhya Pradesh, Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla inaugurated the One State-One Health symposium at AIIMS Bhopal. This commendable initiative aims to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among healthcare professionals to elevate the standards of healthcare delivery across the state.

Expressing his appreciation for the efforts undertaken by AIIMS Bhopal, Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla emphasized the importance of such initiatives in aligning with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. He lauded the dedicated efforts of the hospital staff and administration in organizing the symposium, highlighting its role in promoting holistic healthcare practices.

“In accordance with the vision outlined by our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we are firmly committed to improving healthcare infrastructure across the nation. It is our collective resolve to position Madhya Pradesh as a frontrunner in the realm of healthcare excellence,” stated Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla.

Distinguished figures such as the Executive Director of AIIMS, Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Singh, and, Pankaj Jain Additional Commissioner of Medical Education, graced the event with their presence. Their participation underscores the collaborative approach adopted by both government and private sectors towards advancing healthcare initiatives in the state.

The symposium served as a platform for doctors, teachers, and experts from various sectors to deliberate on crucial aspects of healthcare delivery, including advancements in medical technology, patient care, and disease prevention strategies. Such forums play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing, ultimately benefiting the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.

The Deputy Chief Minister’s endorsement of the One State-One Health symposium reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing healthcare as a fundamental pillar of development. By leveraging collaborative efforts and embracing innovative approaches, Madhya Pradesh endeavors to emerge as a beacon of excellence in the field of healthcare, setting a benchmark for others to emulate.

The inauguration of the One State-One Health symposium by Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla underscores the collective resolve towards transforming healthcare dynamics in Madhya Pradesh. With concerted efforts and strategic interventions, the state is poised to chart a path toward comprehensive healthcare delivery, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of its citizens.

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