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Magical Moments: Priyanka Chopra Shares Daughter Malti’s First Hike Adventure

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Actress Priyanka Chopra delighted fans on Thursday by sharing glimpses of her daughter Malti Marie Jonas’ inaugural hike at Topanga State Park in California, USA.

Priyanka took to her social media platforms to post photos and videos of Malti immersing herself in the beauty of nature. Capturing her daughter’s joyous exploration, Priyanka expressed her awe at witnessing Malti’s first-time experiences.

Mother-Daughter Adventure

Accompanied by friends, Priyanka and Malti embarked on their adventure trip, with the little one eagerly exploring her surroundings. From gazing at trees to playing in puddles and enjoying juice breaks, Malti’s innocence and curiosity added charm to the outing.

Debut of Malti’s Voice

While Malti’s face has been visible in public before, Priyanka’s recent posts mark the debut of her daughter’s voice on social media. In one video snippet, Priyanka asks Malti where they’re headed, to which the toddler confidently replies, “Hike,” showcasing her budding communication skills.

A Magical Moment

Priyanka’s heartfelt captions and endearing visuals not only capture a mother’s pride in her child’s milestones but also offer fans a glimpse into the cherished moments shared between the mother-daughter duo. Malti’s first hike is a testament to the joy of discovery and the magic found in the simple pleasures of nature.

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