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Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Strikes Banda Sea Region

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An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 struck the Banda Sea region at 02:15:12 IST on November 11, 2023. The seismic event occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers with its epicenter located at latitude -6.08 and longitude 130.13.

The tremor, originating in the tectonically active area of the Banda Sea, sent ripples across the region, prompting concerns about potential aftershocks and seismic activity in neighboring areas.

At this time, no immediate reports of damage or casualties have been confirmed, but authorities and seismologists are closely monitoring the situation. Earthquakes of this magnitude have the potential to cause moderate to significant damage depending on their proximity to populated areas and the local infrastructure’s resilience.

The Banda Sea, known for its geological volatility, experiences frequent seismic activity due to the complex tectonic movements in the region. This recent earthquake serves as a reminder of the ever-present seismic risk faced by communities in these areas.

Local disaster management authorities have urged residents to remain vigilant and follow safety protocols in the event of potential aftershocks.

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