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Ministry of Defence Advances Technological Frontiers with Rs 588.68 Crore Contract

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In line with the Indian government’s strategic vision for Digital Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence takes a significant leap forward by signing a contract with Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) on December 8, 2023. Valued at Rs 588.68 crore, the contract is dedicated to the acquisition of the Digital Coast Guard (DCG) project, falling under the Buy (Indian) category.

The Digital Coast Guard Project emerges as a pivotal initiative for the Indian Coast Guard (ICG), unfolding a comprehensive narrative of technological progression. The project encompasses the construction of an advanced Data Centre, the establishment of a robust Disaster Recovery Data Centre, the amplification of connectivity across ICG sites, and the development of the ERP system. Leveraging secured MPLS/VSAT connectivity, the project positions itself at the forefront of cutting-edge defence technology.

“At its core, the DCG project marks the establishment of a Tier-III standard Data Centre, equipped with the latest technological capabilities. Serving as the nerve centre, it enables centralized monitoring and management of applications deployed by the ICG, ensuring vigilant oversight of critical IT assets”.

The project’s strategic significance extends beyond technological upgrades. Estimated to generate approximately one and a half lakh man-days over five years, the DCG project fosters active participation from diverse sectors of Indian industries. This aligns seamlessly with the government’s overarching goal of achieving ‘Atmanirbharta’ or self-reliance in the defence sector.

“As India continues to modernize its armed forces through digital initiatives, the Digital Coast Guard Project stands out as a testament to the nation’s commitment to harnessing advanced technologies for safeguarding its maritime interests”.

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