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Minor Earthquake Shakes Assam: NCS Reports Magnitude 3.5 Tremor Near Guwahati

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The earth beneath Assam rumbled on the morning of December 7, 2023, as the National Center for Seismology (NCS) reported a minor earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5. The seismic event occurred at 05:42:58 IST, with its epicenter situated at a latitude of 26.63 and longitude 92.08, boasting a depth of 5 km.

Key Details:

  • Magnitude: 3.5
  • Date and Time: December 7, 2023, 05:42:58 IST
  • Latitude: 26.63
  • Longitude: 92.08
  • Depth: 5 km
  • Location: 63 km NNE (North-Northeast) of Guwahati, Assam

The quake, although considered minor on the Richter scale, prompts attention given its proximity to Guwahati, a significant urban center in Assam. The location, approximately 63 km NNE of Guwahati, places the earthquake within a reasonable distance of the city.

“Seismic activities in this region are not uncommon, considering Assam falls within a seismically active zone. The NCS continuously monitors such events to provide timely information and ensure public safety”.

Implications and Preparedness:

While this earthquake is categorized as minor, it serves as a reminder for residents and authorities to remain vigilant and prepared for seismic activities. Earthquakes, regardless of their magnitude, can cause structural damage and pose risks to human safety.

“Local authorities in Assam are advised to assess the impact of the earthquake on nearby areas and take necessary precautions. Residents should be informed about safety measures during seismic events, and structural assessments of buildings and infrastructure may be warranted”.

The NCS will continue to monitor the seismic activity in the region and provide updates as necessary. As we reflect on this recent event, it underscores the importance of understanding and preparing for seismic risks, especially in regions prone to such geological phenomena.

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