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MP Election: Vote for BJP in Madhya Pradesh Polls, Promises ‘Bemisal Rajya’ – Amit Shah

In the impending Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, Union Home Minister Amit Shah emerged as a pivotal figure, rallying for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and advocating for their continued governance. Shah’s impassioned address during a campaign in Shivpuri underscored the BJP’s vision, urging citizens to cast their votes in favor of the party. His message centered on the party’s legacy of transforming the state from a ‘Bimaru Rajya’ to a ‘Bemisal Rajya,’ while cautioning against a potential regression under the Congress’ governance, particularly if led by Kamal Nath. The upcoming elections, scheduled for November 17, represent a critical juncture for the electorate in shaping the state’s future trajectory.

Shah’s Call to Support BJP

During his visit to Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri, Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed an election campaign, emphasizing the BJP’s endeavors towards the state’s development. Shah urged citizens to cast their votes in favor of the BJP, lauding the party’s commitment to fostering progress and welfare across various communities.

Transformation from ‘Bimaru’ to ‘Bemisal Rajya’

Shah reiterated the BJP’s achievements, labeling Madhya Pradesh’s evolution from a ‘Bimaru Rajya’ to a ‘Bemisal Rajya’ under the party’s governance. He urged voters to consider the larger impact of their vote, emphasizing the state’s transformation under the BJP-led ‘double-engine government.’

Allegations Against Congress Governance

The Home Minister criticized the Congress, alleging that their prior governance resulted in stagnation and lack of progress, dubbing the state’s condition as ‘Bimaru’. In contrast, he highlighted the BJP’s 18-year rule, stating the party’s initiatives for the welfare of various sections including farmers, Dalits, backward classes, women, tribals, and youth.

Warning Against Returning to Previous Governance

Shah cautioned against potential setbacks if the Congress, led by Kamal Nath, regains power, alleging a cessation of various welfare schemes initiated during Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s tenure. He highlighted the potential discontinuation of schemes, emphasizing the implications on farmers and other beneficiaries if the BJP’s initiatives were halted.

Upcoming Election Schedule

Madhya Pradesh is set for Assembly polls on November 17, with vote counting scheduled for December 3. The election signifies a critical moment for citizens to determine the state’s future governance and policies.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s address and the BJP’s campaign underscore the contrasting promises and visions of governance, urging voters to deliberate on the future trajectory of Madhya Pradesh ahead of the impending polls.

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