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Namashi Chakraborty’s Jealousy Over Orry’s Fame and Social Media Persona

While Mithun Chakraborty enjoyed immense stardom in the ’80s and ’90s, his sons have struggled to replicate his success in Hindi cinema.

Namashi Chakraborty, Mithun’s younger son, debuted with “Bad Boy” in 2023, directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, which failed to make an impact at the box office.

Now, Namashi grapples with establishing himself as a leading man. He recently expressed feeling “stressed” and somewhat resentful of the fame garnered by individuals like Orry through mere pouting and selfies.

In an interview, Namashi Chakraborty shared his frustrations about not being as frequently paparazzi-clicked as other star kids. He confessed to attempting such tactics briefly but found no professional benefit, so he abandoned the idea.

Namashi recounted an incident where a friend, upon learning of his lineage, expressed admiration but later questioned if he knew Orry. This encounter left Namashi pondering over his own struggles to achieve recognition despite being Mithun’s son.

Expressing his desire to attain similar levels of fame as Orry, Namashi reflected on the disparity between his efforts and Orry’s seemingly effortless rise to popularity.

Ultimately, Namashi Chakraborty emphasized his preference for genuine acclaim earned through hard work, rather than seeking superficial attention through staged appearances. Despite the challenges, he remains committed to carving out his own path in the industry.

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