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Next 5 Days: Weather Forecast & Warnings Across India

Weather: Yesterday, minimum temperatures were notably lower than usual across several regions in North India. Ranging from 5-10°C, areas including Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, plains of Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, north Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh experienced temperatures below normal. The lowest minimum temperature recorded was 2.7°C in Sikar, East Rajasthan.

Weather Systems and Forecast & Warnings for the Next 5 Days:

Under the influence of a likely formation of a trough/cyclonic circulation over central parts of the country, isolated to scattered light rainfall activity is anticipated over various regions:

  • East Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, and Chhattisgarh from 10th to 14th February.
  • Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada on 10th and 11th February.
  • Odisha on 11th and 12th February.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand from 12th to 15th February.
  • Gangetic West Bengal from 13th-15th February 2024.

Isolated light thunderstorms accompanied by lightning are expected over East Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, and Chhattisgarh from 10th to 12th February 2024.

Additionally, light isolated rainfall is forecasted over Tamil Nadu on the 12th and 13th of February, Telangana on the 10th and 11th of February, and Kerala on the 14th and 15th of February.

Minimum Temperature Forecast and Cold Wave Warning:

There is no significant change expected in minimum temperatures over many parts of Northwest, Central, and East India during the next 24 hours, followed by a rise of 2-3°C thereafter.

However, cold wave conditions are likely to prevail in isolated pockets over north Rajasthan and Gangetic West Bengal on 10th February 2024.

These forecasts and warnings serve as vital information for residents and travelers alike, allowing them to prepare accordingly and stay safe during periods of inclement weather.

Source: India Meteorological Department

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