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Nitin Gadkari approves Rs 382.10 crore for new highway connecting Majuli and Jorhat

Assam: Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari, has sanctioned Rs. 382.10 crore for the construction of a new 2-lane highway with paved shoulders linking Majuli and Jorhat on the recently designated NH 715K in Assam. The project encompasses the construction of a flyover on NH-715, complete with its approaches and service roads, spanning a total length of 20.479 kilometers.

In a social media announcement, Shri Gadkari emphasized the project’s aim to establish direct road connectivity between Jorhat and Majuli, addressing the absence of such a link presently. He highlighted the reliance of residents on river ferries across the Brahmaputra during daylight hours, posing safety concerns, especially during periods of high flooding.

Furthermore, Shri Gadkari stressed that the development of approach roads and the Majuli bridge will ensure continuous connectivity, significantly improving the socio-economic conditions of the local population and promoting tourism. This strategic infrastructure investment is poised to reduce travel time and vehicle operating costs for road users, enhancing overall connectivity and fostering economic development in the region.

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