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NTA to Re-Conduct NEET Exams for 1563 Students, Confirms Minister Pradhan

NEET Exam: Minister of Education, Government of India, Dharmendra Pradhan, has responded decisively to the NEET exam controversy, affirming that the National Testing Agency (NTA) will re-conduct exams for 1563 students as directed by the Supreme Court. He clarified that no evidence of rigging, corruption, or paper leaks has been substantiated so far.

“All pertinent details are before the Supreme Court for review,” Pradhan emphasized, addressing concerns about exam integrity. He highlighted the recent enactment of the Public Examination (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act by the Central Government, designed to enforce stringent measures against malpractice in examinations.

“It’s an unfortunate tendency of the Congress to politicize issues affecting students’ futures,” Pradhan criticized, urging constructive contributions to India’s development instead of divisive politics. He condemned the opposition for spreading misinformation and creating unnecessary anxiety during NEET counseling.

“The central government remains committed to securing a prosperous future for students,” Pradhan reaffirmed, dismissing opposition accusations as baseless and harmful to the nation’s youth. He underscored the government’s focus on ensuring fairness and transparency in educational assessments, reiterating its resolve to uphold exam integrity and student welfare.

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