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On Birthday: Bhumi Pednekar Launches ‘The Bhumi Foundation’ to Champion the Environment

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Actress Bhumi Pednekar, known for her unconventional roles in Hindi cinema, has not only made a mark in the industry but is also making significant strides as a climate warrior. As she celebrates her 34th birthday, Bhumi has decided to embark on a fresh campaign for environmental protection across the country. She has announced the formation of an NGO called ‘The Bhumi Foundation’ to further her mission of creating awareness about the importance of preserving the environment and restoring ecological harmony.

The Climate Warrior:

Bhumi Pednekar has been actively involved in promoting environmental awareness through her platform ‘Climate Warrior’ on social media. Through this initiative, she has been educating and engaging with her followers to highlight the significance of taking action to protect the environment.

The Birth of ‘The Bhumi Foundation’:

On her 35th birthday, Bhumi unveiled her plans to establish ‘The Bhumi Foundation.’ This non-profit organization aims to channel efforts toward restoring ecological balance across India.

A Personal Commitment:

Bhumi Pednekar’s dedication to environmental preservation goes beyond raising awareness. She has made a personal commitment to contribute a portion of her earnings from films, brand endorsements, and other sources of revenue to the Bhumi Foundation. By doing so, she ensures that the resources are utilized effectively for environmental conservation initiatives.

Creating Environmental Consciousness:

Through her foundation, Bhumi Pednekar aims to create environmental consciousness at the grassroots level. By fostering environmental stewardship, Bhumi envisions a future where every citizen actively contributes to preserving the planet.

As Bhumi Pednekar celebrates her 34th birthday today, she embarks on an exciting new chapter as an environmental champion. By launching ‘The Bhumi Foundation,’ she demonstrates her unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and restoring ecological harmony.

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