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On His 64th Birthday Today: Celebrating Sanjay Dutt’s Top Iconic Roles

As Sanjay Dutt celebrates his 64th birthday today, we pay tribute to the legendary actor by revisiting some of his most iconic roles that have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. Fondly known as “Sanju Baba” by his fans, Sanjay Dutt’s acting prowess and magnetic on-screen presence have made him a beloved figure in the film industry.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of the top iconic roles essayed by the versatile actor:

“Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” (2003)

This comedy-drama catapulted Sanjay Dutt to a new level of stardom. His portrayal of Murli Prasad Sharma, affectionately known as “Munna Bhai,” struck a chord with the audience, and the character became a cultural phenomenon.

“Khalnayak” (1993)

In this crime thriller, Sanjay Dutt played the role of Ballu, a notorious criminal. His intense performance and the iconic “Nayak nahi, Khalnayak hoon main” dialogue are etched in the memories of movie enthusiasts.

“Vaastav: The Reality” (1999)

Portraying Raghu, a young man drawn into the world of crime, Sanjay Dutt delivered a powerful and raw performance that earned him accolades and a Filmfare Award for Best Actor.

“Agneepath” (2012)

In the remake of the classic film, Sanjay Dutt portrayed the ruthless and menacing character of Kancha Cheena. His portrayal added a new dimension to the character, making it one of his most memorable negative roles.

“Saajan” (1991)

In this romantic drama, Sanjay Dutt played the role of Aman, a poet caught in a love triangle. His portrayal of a complex character torn between love and sacrifice was widely appreciated.

“Rocky” (1981)

Sanjay Dutt’s debut film showcased his talent and charisma. He played the titular role of Rocky, a free-spirited and charming young man, who left an unforgettable impact on the audience.

“Mission Kashmir” (2000)

In this gripping drama, Sanjay Dutt portrayed the character of Inayat Khan, a police officer with a tragic past. His emotional and nuanced performance was lauded by both critics and viewers.

Sanjay Dutt’s journey in the world of cinema has been filled with ups and downs, but his dedication to his craft and versatility as an actor have made him an enduring star. As he celebrates his birthday, we wish him continued success and eagerly await more memorable performances from this evergreen actor. Happy Birthday, Sanju Baba!

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